The Golden Globes don't get as much respect as the Oscars, the granddaddy of awards shows. But the Globes have become a pretty accurate predictor for the big show. Critics, experts, and prognosticators from around the world annually try to predict the Academy Awards, and they look to the Globes for hints. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

For actors, the thrill of winning either award is apparent. The Globes are a bit more relaxed. There are way less people in attendance, although the event remains exclusive. And the hosts always make the show fun. The Oscars, while also fun, takes itself very seriously. For nearly 100 years now, the Academy Awards have set the benchmark for awards shows. It's Hollywood's biggest night.

Over the course of both the Oscars and Golden Globes, winners of all shapes and sizes have come and gone. Which thespians have won both awards for the same role in the same year? When did the Globes accurately predict the Oscar winner? Read on to see.