Apple is ready to take over the TV industry in 2019, y'all.

That means Netflix better watch its back and Amazon Prime and Hulu best start thinking of new strategies to rise to the top. As it turns out, Apple wants to be more than just your average tech giant and has thrown itself into the trenches of Peak TV. It won't be easy, but the tech juggernaut already has a few tricks up its sleeve. In addition to signing on some serious talent, the upcoming streaming service is investing a lot of cash to produce runaway hits. To be exact, Apple is spending $1 billion on original TV and film content in an effort to establish itself as a major source of premium entertainment. Clearly, the company wants to make a splashy Hollywood debut. Who knows, maybe in a few years we will be talking about Apple the way we speak about Netflix these days!

Although Apple's ambitious new streaming service is yet to launch, we have something that might pique your interest. That's right, TV fanatics, we've compiled a list of all the Apple TV shows that are currently in development. This fresh crop of potential new shows will surely make a ton of headlines once they are released. Whether you are in the mood to watch something action-packed, dramatic, lighthearted, or otherworldly, Apple is making sure there is a little bit of something, something for every viewer. Keep reading to find out what kind of small-screen hits Apple is hoping to produce in the very near future.