Simon Mills (bent/napoleon) is actively making music on Soundcloud and Youtube.
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Fun fact: the eye in the jar is not real, its glass. and yes they still have the jar it now sits on a shelf of a home of the person that made it for the album.

Song list:

King Wisp                  0:00
An Ordinary Day         5:13
Strictly Bongo             9:58
Beautiful Otherness    15:18 
Moonbeams               20:11
So Long Without You  22:56
Exercise 3                 29:05
Stay the Same           33:26
Magic Love                 39:07
The Everlasting Blink   43:36 
Thick Ear                   49:09

Daycare Party Line (Hidden Track)      52:00  
(Thank you Simon for telling me the name!)
turn your speakers up. but turn them back down as the some will get louder around 57:16
after that the song goes insane!   Phones, random organ music, random voices, warped sounds, microphone reverb. audio switching between mono and stereo, random screaming.  Read in the comments section Simon explains  how the song was made.

its crazy! XD 


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