15 Women You Won't Believe Exist.  From world record holding women with weird bodies, to women with massive giant breasts, here are 15 women you won't believe actually exist.

This list of 15 Women You Won't Believe Exist includes:

Valeria Lukyanova – The Human Barbie,
Jyoti Amge – Smallest woman in the World,
Erika Ervin – Tallest woman in the world,
Maria Cristerna – Vampire woman,
Asha Mandela – Longest hair in the world,
Mayra Hills – Beshine, world's biggest breasts,
Mandy Sellars – World's largest legs,
Marilyn Vos Savant – Highest IQ,
Aneta Florczyk – Strongest woman in the world,
Julia Gnuse – The Illustrated Lady, most tattooed woman,
Ataye Eligidagne – Largest lips,
Elaine Davidson – Most pierced woman in the world,
Kayan Lahwi Tribe Women – Longest necks with neck rings,
Mikel Ruffinelli – Largest hips and bottom,
Cathie Jung – Queen of Hearts, smallest waist.

15 Men You Won't Believe Exist - http://youtu.be/Gr0ymSkieM4

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