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0:00 - Mildred Goes to War
1:24 - The Deer
3:34 - A Cough of Blood, A Dark Drive
6:12 - I've Been Arrested
6:52 - Fruit Loops
8:25 - His Master's Voice (Monsters Of Folk)
13:15 - Billboards On Fire
15:41 - Slippers
17:04 - The Last Rose of Summer (Renée Fleming, Jeffrey Tate & The English Chamber Orchestra)
21:56 - My Dear Anne
24:34 - Walk Away Renee (The Four Tops)
27:17 - Billboards Are Back
28:43 - Collecting Samples
29:59 - Sorry Welby
31:45 - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Joan Baez)
35:08 - Countermove
37:07 - Can't Give Up Hope
37:41 - Buckskin Stallion Blues (Amy Annelle)
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a 2017 dark comedy film directed by Martin McDonagh It stars Frances McDormand Woody Harrelson Sam Rockwell John Hawkes Peter Dinklage
Mildred Hayes is a single divorced mother still grieving feeling immense guilt over the violent murder of her teenaged daughter Angela seven months prior Infuriated with the police over the lack of progress in the investigation she rents three abandoned billboards outside her hometown which in sequence read while dying still no arrests How come Chief Willoughby
The townspeople especially the police officers are upset over the billboards’ content including Sheriff Bill Willoughby incompetent racist officer Jason Dixon Many people also find the signs in bad taste considering that Willoughby suffers from terminal pancreatic cancer Soon after the billboards are put up Mildred her depressed son Robbie Lucas Hedges are harassed threatened but Mildred stays firm much to Robbie’s chagrin
While Willoughby is sympathetic to Mildred’s plight finds them an unfair attack on his character Dixon on the other hand is simply vexed by Mildred’s sheer lack of respect for his authority He goes to great lengths to get Mildred to back down including threatening Red Caleb Landry Jones the owner of the advertising agency who rented the billboards to her as well as arresting her friend co-worker Denise Amanda Warren on a trumped-up charge for possession of marijuana refusing her bail Mildred is also visited by her abusive ex-husband Charlie who is fearful for what the billboards will do to her family also telling her about how their daughter asked to move in with him the week before her murder
After a dentist presses charges against Mildred after assaults him with his drill Willoughby brings her in for questioning though she denies hurting him He then begins coughing up blood forcing him to go to the hospital While there he realizes that he will die soon after he is discharged he spends an eventful day with his wife Anne Abbie Cornish two daughters before committing suicide
The local news reports Willoughby’s death implying that Mildred’s billboards were part of what drove him to taking his life Mildred her son are subsequently harassed further receiving an especially violent threat from a man that enters into her store Upon learning of Willoughby’s death Dixon breaks into the ad agency’s office assaults both Red
Believing Dixon to be the arsonist she sneaks into the ad agency the next night tosses Molotov cocktails out from the broken window at the police station across the street Unbeknownst to her Dixon was inside reading a letter written to him by Willoughby before he died acknowledging Dixon’s desire to become a detective advising him to end his bigoted ways so that he could become a better lawman Dixon escapes the blaze also managing to salvage Angela’s case files but is hospitalized with burns all over his body A witness a dwarf car-dealer James provides an alibi for the both of them so can escape guilt Thankful takes him up on his offer to go to dinner with him
After Dixon is healed he drinks at a bar overhearing a conversation between two men one After getting the man’s license plate number he then starts a fight with the suspected rapist by scratching off some his skin getting the DNA necessary to run a test to see if it matches Angela’s killer Meanwhile while Mildred James are at dinner Charlie enters the same restaurant with his ditzy 19-year old girlfriend Penelope where he reveals he set fire to the billboards in a drunken rage Though enraged she simply tells Charlie to treat Penelope well
Dixon then contacts Mildred letting her know that he may have found Angela’s killer They are both soon disheartened after Dixon learns from Abercrombie that the suspect’s DNA the DNA from the crime scene do not match which is also supported by the suspect being on active duty in the Middle-East when Angela’s murder took place Still aware that a rapist is on the loose Mildred Dixon both drive to Idaho where the man lives though contemplate whether or not they should kill him when they find him
74th Venice International Film Festival 2017 Toronto International Film Festival Carter Burwell 


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