PocketPredator.com A short video of a rabbit kill and a brief description of how to do it.
With this one, I saw the rabbit a little ways off so set up the camera, zoomed it in a little, hung a small fluttering (in the wind) white cloth under the camera and then walked a wide loop hooking around to the backside... this made the rabbit pay attention to the fluttering rag and not notice me so much as I kept a bush and little tree in it's line of vision helping to mask my movement.
The slingshot used was my Scorpion with single per side 1" X 12" gold therabands... I use a 48" draw so the .41 caliber lead ball was travelling at about 250 fps when it struck the rabbit in the upper part of the neck... I almost always aim for the top part of the neck on rabbits because when they hear the bands slap on release they tend to duck down a little... so most of the time the shot either goes through the ear canal or hits slightly behind the ear. THIS is an important point. The further you are away from the animal the more time the animal has to react to the sound of your bands slapping... if you can keep the ammo travel time under .20 of a second, most animals won't react in time to move out of the way of the shot.

In this case the rabbit was so transfixed on the fluttering rag he didn't duck or move at all until the ball hit... then it was "lights out".

Watch in full screen and you can see the shot went clean through both sides... the grass on the camera side shows where the shot went on exit. This is why I now like the .41 lead the best. Fast, so the trajectory is better, easier to predict, at different distances... hits hard enough to put down small game like rabbits and squirrels instantly... and when using even fairly light bands you can put a ball all the way through a snapping turtle's shell.

For more information on how to shoot a slingshot I have several good videos you can refer to, one of my favorites is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaW0BUgeb98 


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